Recruiting and More Business Solutions


Recruiting And More Business Solutions

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Human Resources

We will:
Assess and diagnose your organization, design and implement formalized HR systems and processes to meet your needs.

Execute third party surveys to analyze competitiveness of salaries and benefits for key positions in your organization. We can create compensation ranges to make you more competitive for top talent acquisition.

Develope job descriptions and compensation plans that ensures your organizations competitiveness in the search for top talent.

Assist with labor relations including collective bargaining agreement negotiations and administration

HR professional support team

We provide human resources consulting services to small, mid-sized and larger organizations in manufacturing, mechanical contracting, electrical contracting and service industries

We bring more than 45 years of human resources management experience with a variety of for- profit manufacturing and industrial companies and non-profit educational organizations, both large and small.

We will work with the President and executives of smaller to mid-sized organizations of 5-100 employees to serve as their HR and business advisor and part-time HR Director, or to provide specific HR services such as:

  • Design and management of hiring processes and associated recruitment, selection and hiring activities
  • Recruitment and retention analyses and development of improvement plans
  • Salary structure design
  • Variable pay plans with short and long term bonus structures
  • Design job descriptions, and organizational structures



HR professional support team


We work with larger organizations as well in the areas of:

  • Lean six sigma practices
  • Pay practice systems
  • Market pricing
  • Variable pay plans with short and long term bonus structures
  • Compensation analysis and reporting based on customer needs and specifications