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Hospitality Sales and Marketing Services

R.A. Miller Hospitality Sales & Marketing Services and Consulting LLC. of Atlanta, GA has been added as a hospitality sales and marketing service and resource to our team. Roger brings 30 plus years of expertise in serving the hospitality industry in a cost-effective manner focusing on technical aspects, coaching, mentoring, and leadership in a more focused and concentrated way. We offer a range of services, including on-property or multi-unit sales and marketing team deep dives, industry market segment and brand best practice training, and proactive sales efforts versus results analysis, training and coaching. Other services available include feasibility study reviews for content maximization, interim multi-unit VP or director of sales and marketing services, and portfolio trade show representation. Our services are dedicated toward hotel GMs and sales teams, management companies, owners, developers, lenders and investors based on 3 plus decades of extensive interaction with all entities. Call us to inquire how Roger can assist your hotel, or portfolio of hotels in growing your revenues and increasing hotel assets.